Cross-out lists are cool

Do you know that feeling when you are able to cross out a task on your list, after finishing it, watching how your list shrinks and shrinks?

Well I love it, so here’s my list for the next actions I need to take for Zen to Done:
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Collect Habit

So I am just hopping to my next entry in this series (need to catch up the last two weeks, don’t I?)

First of all, I realized, that I did not post any overview of tasks, and I guess that could come quite handy to follow me. Then this post will cover the main topic, collecting. I want to present the collecting habit to you, by describing it a bit out of the GTD perspective and present you what ZTD makes out of it. After that I will present you my solutions for the third task, which will include the description of how I implemented what, and why that way. This will include a presentation of my tools, and how I am intending to use them.
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