Review on the 1st month ZTD: The collect and process habits

So this is my first monthly review on Zen to Done. I’ll use this post to look back over the past weeks, review the entries, review my experiences, write down any new experiences and also comment on what I think after one month of ZTD. Did anything crucial change? Did I experience anything that works better now, than it did at the beginning? How will I close this chapter and open the new one?
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Getting started with Zen to Done

Actually one of the main reasons I created this blog, was to keep track on and to commit myself to the tasks that will approach me while implementing Getting Things Done. But it so happened that I just posted 5 entries that are tagged with GTD/ZTD, and only two of them are really going deep into the problem.

So now I will surely, definitely start with Zen to Done, I will commit myself to it, and of course I am now committing myself to you as well. So if anyone of you is interested in my progress (or is also working on Zen to Done, has questions etc.), just contact me, so I will feel myself pushed.

So to start this series, I will first of all write down my current situation, including my relation to GTD/ZTD, and explaining what they are and how they work. I will then write down my vision, and my expectations, not only concerning the positive aspects, but also the negative ones. In addition I will present you some of my information sources, and how I will try to implement everything. And to conclude this entry there will be an overview of what to expect the next weeks and months.
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