Funny Facts

I am a fan of these funny facts lists, I really enjoy reading them, and that is why I’ve tried to collect some facts about my self that would probably set me off from other people. So here we go:

  • I am absolutely no fan of language dubbing, which is why I try to watch movies undubbed whenever possible. This is one of the reasons why I am trying to get more fluent in Spanish and French.
  • I love matches and I prefer them to lighters.
  • Many people are astonished by the fact that I don’t like beer at all. They then often conclude that I wouldn’t drink any alcohol.
  • I like to think about myself as dark romantic.1
  • As child I often let my fantasy run loose and dreamt about so many worlds that I sometimes  regret not becoming a film director just to be able to capture these worlds and make them real and share them with others.
  • I love old church buildings for their pious atmosphere. I could sit for hours in a church, just for the atmosphere.
  • As child I always wanted to sleep with an open window, because I hoped that one day a vampire would get in and bite me.
  • I don’t see myself as part of a nation. I am part of a society but don’t feel any ethnical connection. If someone asks me “Where are you from?” I therefore often reply with “Hamburg” (my home town).
  • My favorite horror-movie franchise star is Michael Myers from the “Halloween” series.
  • My most favorite holiday is Halloween although it is not celebrated in Germany. I guess my second favorite would be Thanksgiving which also isn’t celebrated in Germany.
  • My music taste is generally described as “strange”. Same goes for my taste of movies.
  • I’ve imagined myself three room mates I live with: Ahnúbp, a troll that lives in the washing machine and bites wholes into my socks (or eats them completely, but never in pairs, only one of each), a kitchen gnome called Nihranu that sometimes magically does some chores (suspiciously often when my girlfriend is visiting me…), and Crahx, a bad kobold, that always hides the things I need, hinders me to leave when I’m in a hurry, switches my college books so I bring the wrong ones to class, etc.
  • I often digress to a degree where I don’t remember what I initially wanted to explain.
  • I normally don’t know how old I am, and when asked I have to calculate it.
  • I seem to have an extraordinarily good memory for birthdays. Sometimes people tell them to me once, and I remember. Unfortunately I also have a bad memory for names and I normally don’t know today’s date. So I forget birthdays anyway, and end up saying: “Hey you, belated Happy B-Day”.
  • When given a direction, I have to think about the hand that I’m writing with to know where the right-hand side is.
  • I probably live in the wrong century. I guess that I would be far better of in classical antiquity, Middle Ages, or the times up to the industrial revolution (e.g. the Victorian era. I’d probably have learned some scientific tricks and posed as magician.
  • As a kid, inspired by the three investigators (which in Germany are extremely famous), me and two friends founded a detective trio. We even made ourselves badges. We spent most of our time, running arround the city, watching for anything suspicious and once even followed a man for several hours.
  • As a pet I’ve always wanted and probably still would want a dragon. My second choice for a pet would be a cat, though

1 I’ve first encountered this term on a concert by the German Gothic-Novel Band ASP. I think of it as some mature way of “Goth”. I am no “Goth” and I don’t like to be pigeonholed as one, but there are plenty points of contact.


Please comment. I really enjoy your thoughts!

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