Welcome to my site

You have just reached my main blog.

Actually this blog consists of three blogs separated by topic (as you can see when viewing the URL carefully while moving around this seemingly coherent site), that I’m trying to link together to make them appear as one.

If you are interested in articles on anything concerning computer science, my university studies or science related, please visit my profession blog (which redirects to another but identically looking blog on wordpress.com). Articles on my profession will generally be written in English.

As over the years of blogging I got keen on writing reviews on music, movies, series or (comic) books, I’ve outsourced those topics to yet another blog, my media blog. Though consuming movies and series only in English, it somehow feels better to me to keep all of the reviews in German (I might change that though, if the request for English reviews is high enough).

If you’re neither interested in computer sciences nor in media but rather like to read about my views on politics, dates around my home town that I consider note-worthy, random daily entries, or links, pictures, quotes and other stuff I stumbled upon and that I find worthy of sharing, then just stay here! You’ll find the actual blog under private blog. In regard to the topic I’ll switch the language on a per article basis, as I feel fit.

Please beware that each blog has it’s own RSS Feed, so if you’d like to use a feed reader make sure you subscribe to the right feeds. If you are interested in the feeds of all three blogs, I’ve added a group at feedstitch that you can just subscribe to. If you don’t want to see this homepage anymore, next time just visit https://pygospa.wordpress.com/blog or update your bookmarks. If you want to follow my blogs on Twitter, please follow @PygospasBlogs. And you can of course still follow them on my Facebook-Site. Further information on the changes and why they took place can be found on my German blog-birthday entry and my English entry on the changes.

As for all of these blogs, please give me feedback. I am eager to learn about what your opinion on my articles is, regardless if it is positive or negative feedback, or if you just want to share you views. You are welcome to do so on any of my articles 🙂

If you’d like to find out more about myself or like to contact me, please feel free to explore those pages. Also for more information read the entry on my blog relaunch.

I hope you will enjoy your stay.