Summertime (a tiny photo entry)

Actually, these should have been three unique entries, but as I usually don’t manage to blog as often as I wish, I decided to put them together and title them summertime. The purpose is actually to just share some pictures that I and my girlfriend took during the last weeks – as well as some general blah, i.e. something about sunlight alarm clocks, a little saga of Husum and an update on my favorite café (I promised you photos, here they are). Enjoy 🙂

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Valentines Day at Jacqueline’s

My Valentines Day was pretty quiet – I don’t know where all my stalkers and lovers have disappeared 😉
Well, actually I only got a secret Valentines Day card once – back in school days, and I considered it to be a fake.

Jacquelines Café

Anyhow this years Valentines Day I spent with my girlfriend in our favorite café, the “Jacqueline’s Café” in Husum. Sounds French? Well it kinda is (at least the owners are). Anyhow the main reasons why I love this café is because:
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