A change in language

Some of you may already have noticed that I’ve changed the two pages About the author and Contact me. They are in German now!

How comes? To be honest this took me some thinking, and I am not sure whether I will be happy with this decision, but let me start with the reasons why I started blogging in English.

First, I was also considering my English-speaking friends. I wanted them to be able to read my blog and in that way to participate in my life on another level than just eMailing.
Secondly, I was thinking that I would actually reach more readers than I did when I was writing in German.
And thirdly, I wanted to improve my English skills.

What has made me rethink?

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The desire for individuality

As you may have realized, today some things in my blog have changed – okey, you’d really have to have taken great attention on details to realize, so I just tell you:

My blog categories have changed. I was never happy with the old categories – on the one side there were simply too many, and on the other side it just was too common.

So one day, when I was writing an entry for the personal category, it just hit me: Why not calling this category “Dear diary…” 😉

As time passed, ideas arose for more categories – now I’ve finally implemented them. Here’s what I came up with:
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