Blog stuff

To enhance my previous entry I thought of making a list of things that I wanted to blog about, so that I have everything at one place (and make an commitment to you, so you can bite me, if I don’t keep to it 😉 ).

And as this is an entry on the blog, I’ve also decided to just write two of the things into this entry as well (that are connected with blogging).
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Some statistic facts I consider interesting

So, my blog is not yet one month old, but still passed a month, and therefore while doing my monthly review I also had a look at how my blog developed. This is not only pure interest – I could also use this knowledge to improve my postings, to see what you think is more interesting, and what not. Although I am not really blogging for you most of the time, it still sometimes happens that I compile a text, which is more like an essay for the users (as I i.e. did here or here, or as I used to do here). In these cases it makes sense to know if you like reading those kind of essays or if it doesn’t even interest you (in that case I could safe the time and effort compiling them).

So let’s have a look at the facts:
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