Matrix scene in Lego

Pretty cool stuff that my girlfriend just showed me:

According to an article in the TAZ (worth reading, btw.) the two headed Australian team worked more than a year and more than 440 hours to create this short stop motion video. They earn my respect for their stamina and patience – and in my eyes the result is not only worth seeing but also really cool, considering the high detail level that they adapted from the original. Their websites allows us to have a glance behind the scenes.

Btw. it somehow reminds me of a classic:

You can experience the full version yourself – just do as shown in the video – open a terminal and type in:


Of course you’ll need a telnet client. Many distributions of Unix have one already (including Mac OS X), but current Windows versions don’t. But this is off topic already – you’ll figure how to get a telnet client yourselves – just ask your always helping, all knowing friend!


Children and the surveillance state

Just found this on the blog of Martin Weber:

The video is actually showing some of our politicians, and especially interesting is the one in the wheelchair. That is Wolfgang Schäuble, our politician for inner security. And for us it is a pity to have him, as he is trying to turn Germany into some kind of nightmare as shown in George Orwell’s 1984 (this is more on date than ever, so you should really all read this terrifying but fine novel!)
Anyway, in this video those kids are asking the politicians about how they feel and what is possible – and Schäuble of course is lying to them.
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