In addition to: Notebook experience / velvet Moleskine?

In this Post I suspected my small little notebook with the velvet cover to be a Moleskine one. I now know that I was definitely wrong, as in each Moleskine notebook the first page contains the “© Moleskine” at the bottom. To sad. I guess the only way to get another one would be to get to “El Corte Inglés”, which is impossible for me now. 😦

Maybe someone of my readers has the possibility to get one for me? If yes, please contact me! 🙂

Notebook experience / velvet Moleskine?

One of the most important tools in GTD, which is even more stressed in ZTD is the notebook.
So I looked out for one – first of all in the internet, I found a lot of recommendations – most of them pointing out to use a Moleskine. This seems to be some kind of cult status, there are several resources in the internet on how to hack your Moleskine, to make more out of it (ranging from simple Tab-Adding to attaching a pen-holder to your notebook, etc.).
So I thought why not give it a try. But then I discovered it to be a simple notebook with leather binding, starting at prices from 10€ for the small DIN A6 sized notebook up to 20€ for the larger ones.
Just for a bunch of papers?
So I went to Hertie to find something cheaper. I found a copy of Moleskine, with the simple name “Note Book” – but now, after using it one week, I start feeling that it will not last long.
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