A day in Hamburg (dear diary stuff)

Hamburg meine Perle, du wunderschöne Stadt those where my thoughts, whey today I allowed myself a little free time in Hamburg.

Actually the reason for this decision was that I realised that today the new Apple Store would open in Hamburg. And I really had no idea of what to expect. My reason for going there was that I wanted to test Snow Leopard, because I didn’t know weather or not to buy it. So I thought why not go there (we have a little Apple department in the local Media Markt, but there they still don’t even have Snow Leopard, so the only possibility to see it, was at the new store, and the only possible day today. Next week I’d be back in Husum again, and in Husum you can consider yourself lucky when you find a store that has any IT equippment (of course extremly overprised, as they’d be the only shop in an radius of the next 50km). And after hearing that there’d even be some gifts, I decided to go there, when they open.

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Review on the 1st month ZTD: The collect and process habits

So this is my first monthly review on Zen to Done. I’ll use this post to look back over the past weeks, review the entries, review my experiences, write down any new experiences and also comment on what I think after one month of ZTD. Did anything crucial change? Did I experience anything that works better now, than it did at the beginning? How will I close this chapter and open the new one?
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