In unserer Zeit…


In unserer Zeit geht es nicht darum was wir besitzen, sondern was wir in unserem Kopf haben


Watch this one.

I beg you, just have a look at following. Take the time (2 hours) – in my opinion they are totally worth it, even if you don’t believe in it.


What is it? Well it is a documentary which is, generally speaking, trying to show us the people that try to enslave us and that try to gain enormous power over us all, and how they manage it. It is doing this by starting in ancient times with the religions – trying to show their all origin and what people made out of it.

Then it continues with power as state. How to gain power and how wars, like WW1, WW2, the Vietnam War, or the new War on Terror help states to keep power and to control people.

It ends with the thesis that there are a small number of private people (the bankers) working towards the total power and control of the whole world, leading to a scary vision of our future.

Sounds freaky and scary isn’t it? Like one of those typical conspiracy theories, like the illuminates, or similar. There are a lot of these out there, so what makes this one so outstanding, that I start to beg you to watch it?

Well first of all, it builds up on other theories. Theories that are known, that have “evidence” and that are very controversy discussed by the people. One of these is the conspiracy about 9/11 (people who know Loose Change for instance will find a lot of similarities in the 9/11 part). But it does not stop there. What it actually does is to link all these conspiracy theories together with real reliable evidences, as well as theories and thesis build upon them and puts everything together in a reasonable whole thing, that explains everything.

Still to conclude, what I don’t say is that you should believe what you see, you can if you want. You can believe the whole, parts of it, etc. I don’t really care, and I won’t put my personal opinion into this post. But as a really nice side effect it let’s you see things differently afterwards. It makes you think, it makes you to rethink on what you believe, on who you believe. And it leads you to not trust everything at first sight – no, after watching this, I think you will be more critical with news, with media, with what people and politicians say. Including this very documentary.

And I think, regardless of whether or not you share the opinions and the theories, this is a very positive result and outcome. So just take the time, believe me, it is worth it.

For all those who want a slight idea of what this movie looks like before they watch the whole 2 hours, here is a trailer with one of the funnier parts of the documentary Zeitgeist Trailer

Oh, and btw. this documentary is a amateur project, freely available for online viewing, downloading or purchasing (as DVD), in English language with many different language subtitles.