Zeitreise in das Jahr 2024

Webmaster Friday Logo by Ralf (bohncore.de)

Webmaster Friday Logo by Ralf (bohncore.de)

Webmaster Friday is a continuous blog carnival initiated by Martin, author of tagSeoBlog in June 2009. Every Friday a new topic is released on the website webasterfriday.de, as motivational help for bloggers to have a topic to blog about, as well as to collect thoughts from different blogger to a certain question and to give bloggers a platform on which they can actually reach more visitors with their blogs.

The topic is announced on Thursdays at 5 o’clock, p.m. (UTC+1) via Twitter. Just follow @webmasterfriday to get the next topic. There are no charges, no requirements to fulfill and no restrictions. If you want to join, just read the Mitmachen-section of the website.

As there are no other rules I’ll decide according to the topic whether to answer in English or in German (visible to you by the language of the entry heading as well as the category), but as it is a German blog carnival most entries will probably end up being German. Here you’ll find my previous entries on this series.

KW31: Euer Blog 2024

Ja, das ist mal ein lustiges Thema, das Martin sich für diese Woche ausgedacht hat – wobei es auch nie verkehrt ist, sich einmal Gedanken darüber zu machen, wo man auch hin möchte. Ich habe das in den letzten Jahren mehrfach und intensiver getan, als damals, als ich mit dem Bloggen gestartet hatte – und es unter anderem auch schon in einem Draft zusammen getragen zum Webmaster-Friday Thema „Blogsterben“ – aber der Beitrag ist dann auch unveröffentlicht geblieben. Ja, ich bin ein wenig unzufrieden über meinen Blog, und zwar hauptsächlich aus drei Gründen:

  1. Ich schreibe in letzter Zeit viel weniger offen, als ich es gerne würde
  2. Die Dreiteilung hat ein paar Sachen zum Vorschein gebracht, und ich weiß noch nicht so ganz, wie ich damit umgehen möchte
  3. Ich möchte mehr Gestalltungsfreiraum, um meinen Blog mehr zu einem Portfolio zu machen.

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Collect Habit

So I am just hopping to my next entry in this series (need to catch up the last two weeks, don’t I?)

First of all, I realized, that I did not post any overview of tasks, and I guess that could come quite handy to follow me. Then this post will cover the main topic, collecting. I want to present the collecting habit to you, by describing it a bit out of the GTD perspective and present you what ZTD makes out of it. After that I will present you my solutions for the third task, which will include the description of how I implemented what, and why that way. This will include a presentation of my tools, and how I am intending to use them.
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Getting started with Zen to Done

Actually one of the main reasons I created this blog, was to keep track on and to commit myself to the tasks that will approach me while implementing Getting Things Done. But it so happened that I just posted 5 entries that are tagged with GTD/ZTD, and only two of them are really going deep into the problem.

So now I will surely, definitely start with Zen to Done, I will commit myself to it, and of course I am now committing myself to you as well. So if anyone of you is interested in my progress (or is also working on Zen to Done, has questions etc.), just contact me, so I will feel myself pushed.

So to start this series, I will first of all write down my current situation, including my relation to GTD/ZTD, and explaining what they are and how they work. I will then write down my vision, and my expectations, not only concerning the positive aspects, but also the negative ones. In addition I will present you some of my information sources, and how I will try to implement everything. And to conclude this entry there will be an overview of what to expect the next weeks and months.
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