I just learned what a copypasta/creepypasta is. Though in concept fairly old, the name copypasta seems to have evolved in the 4chan community around 2007, describing something that is copied and pasted often – corrupting paste to pasta. Of course in the 4chan context this refers to pictures.

Copypasta (uncredited)

Copypasta (uncredited)

In it’s origin it is something that is done since digital text editing: Copying and pasting text over the internet, and therefore probably is as old as the internet itself. Some copypasta enthusiasts got together and now try collecting such copypasta texts, i.e. text that is or was often copied and therefore got around the internet, mostly short stories, fake reports, etc.

From this movement a subgenre came to existence: Creepypasta. While generally being the same as copypasta, creepypasta focuses on short horror stories and urban legends. As with copypasta, this has been in existence since we tell stories – everybody knows the tradition of fireside horror-story-telling while out camping. And there are also communities collecting those stories that originated from message boards and e-mails, probably the most famous being the Wikia page Creepypasta (there’s even a German version out there). Creepypasta is by far the famous of the pastas out there.

A story from the Creepypasta wiki inspired the Czech artist Schroeder Jones aka RomanJones (you might have stumbled upon his often shared “Dr. Carmella’s Guide to Understanding the Introverted!” for a little comic that he published on deviantART, which one of my faithful blog readers, nexx, showed me yesterday. It’s pretty good, I really enjoyed it, and got curious about whether or not this story is true – as far as I can make it out, it isn’t. But it well could have been, and it definitely makes a good campfire story. Enjoy the comic, and if you’re ready go on read the original – as is tradition with such story, I copied and pasted it into this article 😉

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