It’s about f’ing time!

My most favorite science news site and the best thing there is on Facebook has finally! gotten company by a stand-alone website. As far as I can tell, all news that Elise Andrew so carefully processes into little Facebook comments on her I fucking love science-Facebook site are also present on the Website, but there’s even more on the site than there is on Facebook (e.g. look at the difference from this comment to this post).

On the other hand, all the humour-stuff that Elise likes to share, is not present on the website, just on Facebook (e.g. Chemistry can be dangerous, or The Dinosaur Pet Guide). But still, if you care about the tiny bits of information, that is provided by IFLS, you won’t need a Facebook account anymore! Hooray. Is there any reason left to stay at Facebook at all now?

There’s even a survey going on right now, you should have been able to win a hoodie. Unfortunately they changed the price to an iPad. Okay, I could put an iPad to good use as well, I guess. Still, somehow I’d rather have the hoodie (although I already have the T-Shirt). So maybe, if I should really win, I could trade it back. Let’s see 😀


Please comment. I really enjoy your thoughts!

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