The 256th Day of the Year!

Today is the 256th day of the year, or if you switch your numeral system, it’s the 100th day if you count hexadecimal, or the 28th day, which in binary means the 1111 1111th day of the year.

You might already know, that 256 is an important number to computer systems – there was a time, when you had 256 MB of hard disk space, and 256 MB of RAM – which at least for video cards is still a number to come by. More over if you ever heard of bits, which is a single-digit binary number (thus 0 or 1) and thus the smallest unit of information a computer system can handle, you might have also heard about a Byte, wich is 8 of these little bits combined. 8 bits, which each can be either 0 or 1 (8 digits of a binary number, so to speak) allow for 28 possible combinations of 0 and 1, thus allowing 28 = 256 possible distinct combinations that can be stored in a byte.

Now why am I talking about this? Because the 256th day of a year is a professional holiday, it’s:

Programmer’s Day

And now you’ll see that I’ve already given you the reason, why it is the 256th day of the year ;). Programmer’s Day originated in Russia, as two web developers, Valentin Balt and Michael Cherviakov proposed it in 2002 to the government, in 2009 it was picked up by the Minstriy of Communications and Mass Media, and since September 11th of that year, thanks to Dmitry Medvedev it is an official holiday for programmers in Russia.

Programmer Day Logo


So what is celebrated on September 13th, or on leap years, September 12th? To quote the site, the site that is trying to spread the word:

Programmer Day is a day to celebrate Programmers and thank them for all that they do.

Or to put it in a picture:

Can't Keep Calm and Carry on! (Programmer's Life)

Can’t Keep Calm and Carry on! (Programmer’s Life)

Now, what I wonder is: How to celebrate this extraordinary day, and probably the most important holiday for our trade? I especially liked the idea of trying out one of these extremely delicious looking Cocktails for Programmers, but as this holiday somehow caught me off-guard, I’m not prepared for any of this and I’m even not home, so maybe next year. But what about you? Are you celebrating? And if so, how are you celebrating? (you know how to comment, don’t you? 😉 ).

Anyhow, now if you celebrate it or not, Happy programmer’s day! to all you programmer’s out there!

5 thoughts on “The 256th Day of the Year!

    • Also dass Dir nicht aufgefallen ist, dass Informatiker immer bei 0 zu zählen anfangen, und dann im Falle der Übertragung des Zählerstandes von Binär zu Dezimal die geraden Zahlen dann doch wieder auf 1 enden 😛

        • Es scheint nicht ganz durchgedrungen zu sein: Ich wollte es – gerade auch der Laien wegen – einfach halten. Natürlich hätte ich noch so viel mehr schreiben können, aber dann hätte ich doch den Großteil der Leser schon in den ersten zwei Absätzen verloren, und dann wüsste niemand, dass es der Programmers Day ist 😛

          Außerdem, wer aufmerksam liest:

          8 bits (…) allow for 28 possible combinations of 0 and 1, thus allowing 28 = 256 possible distinct combinations

          Von diesen Kombinationen ist auch 0000 0000 = 0 eine. Ergo: Angefangen bei 0 zu zählen ist es der 256. Tag, der im Dezimalsystem, agenfangen bei 1 zu zählen dann der 257. wäre 😛

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