Graffiti is Getting Lazy

What to paint, when everything is painted as Graffiti already? What to tag, when everything has been tagged already?

Graffiti is Getting Lazy

That’s one of the quotes from David Bussell. And to do something against it, he decided to do something new. Graffiti in hotels. Which probably shouldn’t work, as the cleaning personnel should find and remove it, preparing the room to look as perfect for every new customer.

Which is why he chose places, where even the housekeeping would normally never look at. Ever turned around a painting in an hotel room? Or the mirror in a restroom? Ever looked underneath the sink? Ever pulled out a drawer completely and looked at it’s backside? Ever removed a wardrobe to take a look at the backside that faces the wall? Took of the lit off a toilet tank and looked at the inside of the lit?

Well if you did, you might have stumbled upon a text by David Bussell.

If you’re reading this it’s already too late…

is the typical start of a little story that he leaves around hotels since 2006, around the world. But what’s the fun of it if you can’t see it? Well, since his first “Graffiti” David Bussell is also taking photos of them. Some days ago he started posting those photos on his blog, so next time you visit an hotel, check with his page. You may find a secret message no one else has discovered, yet.

I for once love the idea of hiding little stories for succeeding hotel guests. Neat idea, never thought of this. What do you think? Love it as much as I do? Or do you consider this vandalism or do you consider it dull and useless? If you have an oppinion, feel free to share it in a comment 🙂


Please comment. I really enjoy your thoughts!

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