Aus einem Tagebucheintrag von vor 5 Jahren, nach 3 Monaten zurück in Deutschland:

And again I feel how much I miss the time over there. Those people that are always friendly, the nice weather, the nice time with my flat mate, with whom I shared so many interests, though we where so different – and with my girls. All the people I met there – those two friendly Italian guys from my studies, the Polish guy that always wanted to talk German with me, as he wanted to live in Germany some future time, the Spanish guy and another Italian guy that used to speak German pretty well, some of the German people that I used to have contact to. That wonderfully interesting and intelligent French girl I used to have long nice chatting evenings with, the other French girl, who did not speak any German or English and both of our Spanish was really bad, so that our communication turned out to be a weird mixture of gestures with some French, some English and some Spanish words – most of the time all three occurring in one sentence.

Going to beach every day. Party with the girls, the long nights, with pure Vodka, Whiskey, Rum… swimming in the ocean at 3 o’clock in the mornings – totally drunken. Workout with my flat mate, diving with my flat mate, exploring Gran Canaria. All those little trips we took, the places we’d seen, the many impressions of a typical Spanish lifestyle far from worries, far form haste.

It was a long time, I stayed. The longest time I ever used to stay in another country. And still it passed by as if it was nothing. And now I am afraid. Afraid to loose the remembrances, the feelings, the smell, the people. The people.

All those experiences that I so deeply want to keep in me, as I more and more slip back into the daily routine of my normal life, as it was before Gran Canaria.

Ja, irgendwie hab ich sie nun doch verloren, irgendwie hat der Alltag alles verdrängt… vor allem auch irgendwie dieses komische Gefühl der Akzeptanz und Zugehörigkeit, das ich noch nie irgendwo in dem Ausmaße gefühlt hab, wie es auf Gran Canaria der Fall war!

Te extraño, Gran Canaria. Te echo de menos, GiMaKaLiMa… Septiembre 2007 a Febrero 2008 – ¡esos fueron algunos muy buenos tiempos!



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