Alles neu macht der Herbst

Today was the first autumn day. A good reason for starting some renovations. And as I am also in a major change of my life (I know, you probably cannot hear this anymore – I’ll keep it down) I had also another reason to submit some changes to this blog. I already started testing some new features and widgets. During this day I finally installed them. And as you can see I also fiddled around with the design a little 😉

Moving on to pastures new is quite a nice motto, don’t you think? I was looking up the German proverb “Auf zu neuen Ufern”, which literally translated means “Let’s sail to new shores”. I was sad that I couldn’t find an English proverb that expressed what I meant but also had something about sailing in it. But actually I really started liking “Moving on the pastures new” – it somehow sounds good (though I think the literally translation isn’t as nice as its German proverb).

That’s why it’s going to be my new subtitle to this blog. It’s a good way to describe my latest decisions and the direction my life is going to take.

For the design: It took me quite a while to decide on a new design, and much more time to actually change my beautiful header to which I connect so many nice things. But just a new subtitle is just too less of a change, don’t you think? Anyhow I like the new design, I think it looks quite neater and cleaner than the old design. What do you think? Do you like it?

P.S.: The heading of this entry is the German proverb version of the English “April showers bring May flowers” – it’s actually “Alles neu macht der Mai” (literally: May makes everything new) – I just changed it to autumn 😉

2 thoughts on “Alles neu macht der Herbst

  1. Me likes. (;
    Und ansonsten warte ich noch auf ein wunderbares neues Headerbild – hoffentlich ist der Herbst uns gewogen und lässt uns bald noch ein paar tolle Fotos schießen.

    Love you!

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