Welcoming the future

So that’s actually it. I’m talking about new plans, and the first thing that I do is write a bunch of articles that are all just looking into the past. I’d therefore love to write one that is dedicated to the future.

It’s definitely coming nearer. Tomorrow in one week will be my last working day. Before that, on Tuesday I have a day off, because there’s gonna be the handover of the keys, and I also still need to get to the University one more time.

And maybe I’ll visit the company on Friday for a last time – only some 20 minutes, to say goodbye at the work councils meeting. I was pretty touched today, when the leader of the works council came in and was really sad about me leaving – asking me if I’d care to join them one last time at the meeting on Friday.

So I’ll guess that I’ll visit them at around 10 o’clock because usually there’s a break at that time! After that I’ll be driving to Kiel and we are going to paint our walls in our desired colors. Yes, my first flat that I’ll be painting in colors. Since now I have always only had plain white walls.

There will be a light mediterranean orange for the living room, light yellow and green for the working room and purple for the bedroom.

Orange is said to bring a cheerful and relaxed atmosphere that is cozy and sociable.
Yellow should remove glumness and bring positive thoughts. It is also inspiring and will strengthen your concentration as well as your studiousness, and has positive effects on your memory capabilities.
Green is said to be the source of creativity, it sends out positive vibes to the soul, but also gives you inner calmness , balance and security.
Purple and violet are said to make you more passive and relaxed.

I hope that the calming aspects of the color green do not interfere with the studiousness and increased memory capabilities of yellow.

I don’t know how scientific this knowledge about colors really is, and if it actually will have an impact on our behaviors. But why not give it a try? I think the rooms will look quite terrific – so let’s do this 🙂

When we are finished (hopefully saturday) we may start buying some new furniture at Kiel. But we’ll definitely return on Sunday, as on Monday we’ll have a truck to get all of our stuff to Kiel.

Those are the near future plans. And it’s barely a week away. Suddenly everything is going pretty fast!

Please comment. I really enjoy your thoughts!

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