[Moved to Profession Blog] To-dos in Smalltalk Code (Nice Solution or Quick’n’Dirty?)

Due to my new blog redesign this post has been moved to my profession blog [English entry].


2 thoughts on “[Moved to Profession Blog] To-dos in Smalltalk Code (Nice Solution or Quick’n’Dirty?)

  1. Pygospa, it seems to me that it’s just fine. I’ve done the same since I started using Smalltalk back in 1984. In fact you don’t even need the message send as you can just put a symbol as it’s own statement and then search for senders of that symbol. It’s effective except in all Smalltalk systems except those that filter out statements with just a symbol (how rude!).

    As far as design or object principles go I don’t think it violates anything. It’s a notation using a symbol to assist with Literate Programming in many ways other than notes. For example, I use it to include methods in a set of methods for a package.

    In ZokuTalk which has much better code as data and code generation facilities it can be a useful tag marker. It also takes on new meaning in ZokuTalk when blocks receive the message #values which places one value per statement into a collection returning the collection thus any symbols inline as statements become part of the collection as they value to their symbol value themself.

    So it’s a good thing in ZokuTalk (under construction).

    Yes, the tools could have support for the features you mentioned and they could let you annotate methods or keep the data relationally via class and method name. Either way it’s fine.

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