Geocaching – A really nice idea!

I reacently started to do some Geocaching – I am planing on writing a blog entry on that. But for now, I just need to follow an order to get an virtual Geocoin, the “CC Geocoin Winter Wind – Trafficdieb”. To do so, I am asked to steal traffic from the creator of that Geocoin, Ichel.

So according to his profile, he has a Website at So, I’ll just take a picture of that website, e.g. one of his many Geocoins, that are just for discovering, such as the “Geocat Geocoin”, and voila:

Really cool and creative virtuall Geocoin. Thanks a lot!

And, just by the way, there are some more of this kind to discover. Just have a really good look at his webpage, and his Caches at, of course.

Have fun!


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