A shirt for a link

Looking for an interesting marketing approach that doesn’t cost you much, but which may get you some publicity?

That’s what those guys at 3D Supply with their Shirt4Link project must have thought. The idea is quite simple. In every campaign there is a limited contingent of shirts that they’ll offer for free. All you have to do to get one is to link the shirt, you’d like, e.g. like I am just doing with this really nice War for oil shirt. Now if I am fast enough, i.e. the contingent is not exhausted yet, and I manage it in time to add the link in their form at their website, I’ll be lucky enough to get it for free!

You want one as well? Maybe you’ll still be in time for this contingent – otherwise I guess that there’ll be another one soon. And even if not – they have a really nice collection of shirt. It was quite hard for me, to actually choose one!

And for the shirt4link team: Great idea – and I’ll have to win one – I mean, I’m your entrance for the English-speaking market! 🙂

(Stumbled upon at strcat’s)


Please comment. I really enjoy your thoughts!

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