Summertime (a tiny photo entry)

Actually, these should have been three unique entries, but as I usually don’t manage to blog as often as I wish, I decided to put them together and title them summertime. The purpose is actually to just share some pictures that I and my girlfriend took during the last weeks – as well as some general blah, i.e. something about sunlight alarm clocks, a little saga of Husum and an update on my favorite café (I promised you photos, here they are). Enjoy 🙂

Despite all my acting like I am a child of the night, I have to confess, that I’m actually a summertime person. Why? Well it all begins with starting my day: I get up much easier and earlier in summer. I guess it has something to do with the fact, that the sun shines (actually when I sleep in a totally dark room, I wouldn’t get up that easily anymore). This already made me thinking about buying a sunlight alarm clock (German link).
I am also less depressive (I mean, come on: I live in Husum, where the outside life officially ends at 6 o’clock p.m. – and in addition to that, in winter, sun rises at 10 am (haha, I’m already at work) and sets at 4 p.m. (haha, I’m still at work) – who the fuck wouldn’t get depressive?!). So my actual leisure time I spent in the dark solitude of Husum.
The above mentioned fact enables me to get more stuff done, to use the day more efficient and to use a lot more of the day, than I do in winter (I feel tired when it’s still dark in the morning, and I feel tired again, when it’s dark in the afternoon).

Unfortunately Husum is called “Die Graue Stadt am Meer” for a reason (actually the famous German author Theodor Strom gave Husum this nickname in one of his poems). Anyways, besides the wind, which is a constant companion of the weather in Husum, one could say, that the last weeks where pretty summerish. Judge for yourselves:

The white flower is not a “Schneebglöckchen”, but a “Märzenbecher”

A Galanthus

This first set of pictures was actually taken just a couple of days after the last heavy snow and rainfall in Husum (to be precisely, March 21st). Actually on that weekend the “Krokusblütenfest” should have taken place, but as you can see, they didn’t open up, yet.

To explain that a little: Husum has one of the last areas where wild, feral crocuses bloom, in fact the only place in Europe where that many crocuses bloom – more than 4 million at one place (according to the Husumer website).
But they didn’t just appear by accident. Actually the appearance is dated back to the 16th or 17th century. Before the castle of Husum (German wikipedia article) was built there was an abbey just where the castle park is today. Now monks needed saffron to dye their cowls. So they could have planted the crocuses for that purpose (you know, saffron are the stigmas of a certain crocus flower).

Duchess Marie Elisabeth of Saxony, also lived in the Husum castle from 1655 to 1684. She was well known for her confectionery, and as saffron is also used for the confectionery, she as well could be held responsible for the purple ocean of flowers, that flood the meadows of Husum every spring.

A last, far less romantic (and therefore not officially told) explanation is that they where originally planted out of pure greed for money. Saffron is, and especially was quite expensive. The reason is quite simple: Each flower contains approximately just three saffron threads. Each thread weights approx. 0.0067 grams. That means you’ll need approx 450 threads to have one gram of saffron, which again equals 150 well grown crocus flowers. Also one gram of saffron takes about 400 hours of work, most of it manual hand work.

Nevertheless, to come back to Husum: Whoever planted these plants – we for sure know one thing! The person that planted these plants, did for sure do quite bad in biology class. Saffron can only be reaped from a special kind of crocus, the crocus sativus – and guess what – the person planted the wrong crocus, the crocus neapolitanus, famous for its purple color!

Anyhow, it’s a nice performance of nature, that invites thousands of people every year. See for yourselves (photos taken on April, 2nd:

And now the last set of photos, taken on easter sunday at my favorite café in Husum (except for the first two waffle photos – they are as well from March, 21st). Here is the promised update, showing the whole café. It still doesn’t get across the whole atmosphere (and that’s not only because of the gentle french background music), but still, it’s something 🙂


Please comment. I really enjoy your thoughts!

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