Valentines Day at Jacqueline’s

My Valentines Day was pretty quiet – I don’t know where all my stalkers and lovers have disappeared 😉
Well, actually I only got a secret Valentines Day card once – back in school days, and I considered it to be a fake.

Jacquelines Café

Anyhow this years Valentines Day I spent with my girlfriend in our favorite café, the “Jacqueline’s Café” in Husum. Sounds French? Well it kinda is (at least the owners are). Anyhow the main reasons why I love this café is because:

  1. The atmosphere is incredible. Old French music, combined with antique furniture that is pooled together, in a dark red painted room that is decorated with a lot of paintings.
  2. The menu is extremely good. You’ll taste that all cakes are freshly made (and not bought, or anything). And though they have only a small selection of cakes, they are said to make the best apple cake in this region. Anyhow I prefer the chocolate-cherry cake. And a cup of hot chocolate with vanilla ice and whipped cream – très merveilleux!
  3. Last but not least, the waitresses are rally friendly. They for instance once advised us that we would be paying less if we had two breakfast menues together with another can of hot chocolate (we thought of just having one and therefore didn’t take that into consideration), they advise you when they have some new cake that they think you might like, and every now and then you get a little “extra”.

Close-up on the chocolate-cherry-cake

When I lived in Husum alone I spent a lot of time there with colleagues and friends, now me and my girlfriend already spent a lot of Sunday breakfasts as well as evening coffee times there, and since now I never got enough of it. I really am going to miss this place, once I’ll move out of Husum 😦 Haven’t seen any other place alike, yet.

Directions (by Google Maps), photos and other peoples opinions (by qype)


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