[Moved to Profession Blog] “0.107 No irq handler for vector” aka “Problems with my PCIe Port”

Due to my new blog redesign this post has been moved to my profession blog [English entry].


6 thoughts on “[Moved to Profession Blog] “0.107 No irq handler for vector” aka “Problems with my PCIe Port”

  1. I had the same Problem like you and found an easier way to solve it:

    My Problem was a result of the ATI-Hardware Driver, it filled the Syslog with these messages. I used Boot Options for the Kernel in Grub instead of compiling the kernel itself many times:


    I haven’t checked a possible impact on the performance yet, but my system runs like expected. So “Good Luck!”

  2. Hey Andur,

    first of all, thanks for your input.

    Now, as mentioned I finally found the problem to be the only change in the Kernel that is described under “Solution” (the rest before is just explaining how I found that problem – I think it might be interesting for anyone that experiences similar problems but for different reasons – it should show up a more or less sturctured way to locate such problems).

    Now when it comes to Kernel boot parameters, the thing what you do, is supress something that you built in in first place. Like the “nomsi” means that the Kernel tries MSI, because your Kernel parameter says so.

    It of course get’s you ending up with the same result, but still it’s not the root cause for it – I’d say it’s just repressing the symptoms rather than doing something to solve the problems. That’s why I’d rather like to have a neat and clean Kernel πŸ˜‰

    But of course if it works for you and if you are happy with that solution, ther you’d go πŸ˜‰

  3. WOW! Great, special thanx for this well doucumented problem solution. I have had exactly the same problem, thanks to your explanations I figured very fast the porblem out. The kernel config fixed it, but it was good to read that andor has tested the appropriate kernel appendix (pci=nomsi,noaer) So I was able to use this and compile the new kernel afterwards. before it was not possible to compile, most of the processes were crashing….

    many thanks , for your explanations, this saves a lot of time for me!

    Regards Randolf Balasus

  4. Hi,

    I have the same IRQ issue here, in fact I have the same box (The medion), This puppy ran for 3 years (debian etch) and I now reinstalled it after some disk crashes since I decided it needed an overhaul asap.

    I do notice you don’t seem to be running 64bit on that machine, do you realize that that this machine is 64bit wide ? I’ve installed debian amd64 install on it and it seems to run like a champ. I do NOT get the ACPI error, I do get those do_IRQ messages. under 64bit debian.

    Also, maybe a nice need-to-know. It’s only normal you don’t see any console error messages on your remote sessions (ssh). Those only get sent to the logged in root user directly on the console (which is the screen/keyboard here). Standard installs do not send those to a logged in remote root user. This is defined in your syslog configuration file (or alternatives if you use another one like ksyslogd).

    I don’t have a use for PCIe nor for VGA, this is a server(and a good one actually). You should also replace your power supply soon (mine broke this week after 3 years), it’s only a 300watt supply anyway, which is just not enough to ‘serve’, I put a 500 watt version in there and the machine works again.

    Very nice post, I have to thank you for taking the time and jot this down. It explains why my ‘etch’ install didn’t show those but the ‘squeeze’ does. I’m about to test some grub parameters now πŸ™‚

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