Geek Code

Geeks, especially computer geeks, love to code and decode stuff, to just put or say it in very simple and short ways.
The Geek Code is one of them, invented by Robert A. Hayden, with a big portion of self irony. It’s quite funny, as you describe your total character, starting at your looks, your political views, your lifestyle, to your computer knowledge and your education.
A whole life story, whole characterization, and a quite differentiated one (for most of the categories there are 10 different degrees, plus the possibility to say, what you’d like to do/be, what you earn your money with, whether you heard of it or not, etc.
And all in just some 4 lines of text. But see for yourself.

I’ve just updated my Geek Code, here it is:

Version: 3.1
GB/CS/S d+(++)@x s-:+ a-- C++$ UBL*++>$ P+@ L+++>+++++>$ !E--- !W+++ !N
o--? K-?> !w--- !O M+(++) !V PS++ PE- Y++ PGP++(+++)>++++ t(+) 5? !X
R*>+++ !tv? b++>++++ !DI !D G(--) e++(+++)>+++ h(+)>---- r++>+++ y+++++

For all those non-geeks out there: Bradley Kuhn provided a pretty neat Geekcode Decoder, which’ll just tell you, what’s up there.
And of course, here’s the geekcode website, so you could learn it, and build your own fancy geekcode 😉


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