The desire for individuality

As you may have realized, today some things in my blog have changed – okey, you’d really have to have taken great attention on details to realize, so I just tell you:

My blog categories have changed. I was never happy with the old categories – on the one side there were simply too many, and on the other side it just was too common.

So one day, when I was writing an entry for the personal category, it just hit me: Why not calling this category “Dear diary…” 😉

As time passed, ideas arose for more categories – now I’ve finally implemented them. Here’s what I came up with:

In here goes all the stuff about the blog itself. Posts like this entry for instance.
Dear diary…
As already mentioned, this is the category where all the personal stuff goes. All those things I find worth memorizing, or all those things I need to let steam off, and… I think you know – that stuff I’d use to write about the last months.
As the name says, here you’ll find all the stuff related to my profession – next to my job, this includes my studies as well as all the stuff that is related to the things that include my studies and work topics. Of course all the other stuff I do as well (like the YAA) or self studies in areas that are not included in my work, but I am interested in professionally.
My Passion
All the stuff I love doing, but that is not connected to my profession. Like for instance collecting Lord of the Rings stuff, taking photographs, or my Asp collection. Those kind of things.
Of course I haven’t forgotten all the Getting Things Done/Zen to Done stuff. This is where they’ll go, together with all the other related stuff, such as productivity tools, Moleskine notebooks, etc.
Art of Sound
I’ve written a lot on music, and I guess, that I’ll stick on to doing so. If those where the entries you really liked, you’ll find them under this category from now on.
Art of Moving Pictures
It was in the cinema, that pictures learned to move (by the way, that is why they are called movies). So you may have guessed it already – this category is where I sort my movie related entries into. As well as the series, televison stuff, trailers I’d enjoyed, etc.
Artificial Aids
Computers where invented to help us getting through our work more easily. Here all those Hardwarestuff, all those Mac OS Xes, Windows and Linuxes are joined together.
Interconnected World
One of my hobbies is traveling – and I also communicate a lot, using different media. The Internet is of course one of them. But this one is also for all those intercultural stuff, I am interested in. To put it in one word: All that stuff that makes the world shrink.
For all that stuff related to the blog community (in the past I used to address my questions to the “Blog Community”). That’s where this stuff would be going in the future.
Art of Written Works
This is where you’ll find all about literature. I intend to read more, and so naturally I’ll also blog more about the stuff I’ve been reading. So this is the category to look for all fiction and nonfiction literature stuff.
Visual Arts
This one’s going to be the place where I’ll put all my pictures, photographs, etc.
Words of Visionaries
I collect quotes, and every now and then when I feel like one’s describing my mood, or I find a new one that’s good, I’d like to post them.
Who am I?
This one was intended for personality tests. I haven’t blogged much about those things in the past. But actually I’m a huge fan of these things, and I intend to catch up.

Yeah, and that’s it (at least for now). So, why am I changing them? Well first of all, it adds a touch of individuality and personality to this blog (come on, you’d all like to be recognized as individuals, don’t you?)

But it also allowed me to more than half my categories, that I’ve been using in the past. And it allows me to use tags in a more ordered way, as now they’ll be kind of subsorting system.

So, next step (beside sorting those old posts into these new categories) would be to develop the templates I’ve been thinking about for a long time 😉


Please comment. I really enjoy your thoughts!

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