A day in Hamburg (dear diary stuff)

Hamburg meine Perle, du wunderschöne Stadt those where my thoughts, whey today I allowed myself a little free time in Hamburg.

Actually the reason for this decision was that I realised that today the new Apple Store would open in Hamburg. And I really had no idea of what to expect. My reason for going there was that I wanted to test Snow Leopard, because I didn’t know weather or not to buy it. So I thought why not go there (we have a little Apple department in the local Media Markt, but there they still don’t even have Snow Leopard, so the only possibility to see it, was at the new store, and the only possible day today. Next week I’d be back in Husum again, and in Husum you can consider yourself lucky when you find a store that has any IT equippment (of course extremly overprised, as they’d be the only shop in an radius of the next 50km). And after hearing that there’d even be some gifts, I decided to go there, when they open.

I arrived at the Alstertal shopping mall at around 9:45, opening was at 10, and when I saw the cue I couldn’t help but only think: What the fuck?! But hey, see for yourself:

YouTube video capturing the cue

I was considering of not going, but as I was there already I just waited, and actually I was one of the last of the first thousand visitors that got a T-Shirt, a nice black shirt with “ Alstertal” on it – in white of course!

And it was quite interesting. As you can see here, the Apple Store Crew stood at the entrance and greeted every person with loud cheering and clapping – regardless of what you think about Apple, you have to admit: They really know how to sell things!

The store itself was pretty small and I was actually also pretty disappointed as I did not really get any answer to the questions I had. So while first really taking into consideration of actually getting Snow Leopard there, I am now more unsure than ever (some said, iWork and iLife 08 wouldn’t work with Mac OS X, so I’d need to upgrade, which actually would cost me 170€ – others didn’t know about that – they could say for sure that iLife and iWorks ’06 wouldn’t work – but didn’t know about current versions… strange). So I guess I’ll wait for my next 13″ MacBook Pro which I’ll buy myself from the first real salary in the beginning of next year. I would then only need to buy iWorks separately.

Anyway, it was quite nice there. What I really found fascinating was, that the cue was still there at 12 o’clock, and especially that even then every new customer was greetet with a cheer!

Just watch yourself: Cheering All the cheering you hear comes form the Apple Store Crew. They managed to make an event out of nothing – especially for the 1001st to the … customer, because they even didn’t get anything. There where also no tombola, no special offers, nothing. I’d say they really know how to do marketing, and how to even sell a simple opening of an store as a real event, that people don’t want to miss. And it works. That really IS marketing.

Anyhow, I got my Shirt, my little brother was there, too, and he as well got his shirt. After wandering around a bit in that little (it really IS little – I don’t have any comparison to other Apple Stores, but my guess is that the Apple department in Saturn is bigger than that store, so if you don’t want to take place in their courses or talk to an Apple Genius, there’s really no reason to actually go there if it isn’t nearby.

Still, this posting is not over yet. Actually when we had walked through the store, and came out again, there where still people waiting, and so I and my brother thought: Let’s just get to the second floor, and watch a littel while. We did so, and my brother even captured a small video with his mobile phone.

Afterwards we decided to go into Starbucks and get a drink (I hadn’t had any coffee that morning, and I only slept 4 hours. Now wen I got there, a friendly waitress suddenly talked to me because of my Asp pullover (she was looking at my hoodie all the time – but I’m used to that allready). She said: “Hey, I’ve got the same pullover”, and than we had a little chat on Asp and the upcoming concert.

And I even got a Frappuchino for free 🙂

And on our way back we again met two other persons. One of them saw our Apple boxes and asked us, wether I was interested to visit the Mac usergroup, the other one was from the social democratic party. Still also those guys where quite nice.

And last but not least, the city, the people, the flair. Everything. Really a nice day, today.

I ♥ Hamburg.

Please comment. I really enjoy your thoughts!

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