Realisation of the day

My realisation of the day:

Play to win! Not play to not lose!

Or in other words: XP rocks – and not only for programmers. I think most of the principles are transferable one to one to the real life – maybe because that’s where they came from?

Anyway, what does the author want to tell us with that sentence? Aren’t those two sentences the same?

Well, the second one only tries not to fail – meaning that you’ll never aim to really rock, but that you’ll just try not to get to the bottom. So you do whatever it takes to stay above the bottom, and that’s what you’ll even may achieve. You won’t make any mistake, you won’t fail, you won’t get disqualified – but you’ll never be first either, cause you put all your energy into not failing.

If on the other hand you’ll play to win, then you’ll aim at the top. You’ll not try to get anything beneath that – nothing else than perfect. Now while trying you may make mistakes, you may even fail once or twice – but you’ll get up again, and go on aiming. You’ll even learn from these mistakes and be able to even get better.

Now you probably won’t really get to the top; but even if not – and even if you’d be frustrated about that at first: You’ll definitely reach more, than you ever would, considering the second sentence.

So what are you doing? Isn’t it time for a change in thinking?


Please comment. I really enjoy your thoughts!

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