A new project?

I’m just playing with the idea of trying out something totally new in this blog. A blog series on design principles. Or to be more specific: on object oriented design principles, as R. C. Martin suggests them.

And, I’m sorry to all my English friends, but I’m going to write it in German, so for me, that’ll be a premiere as well.

Why? I found design principles something really reasonable and useful, when I learned about it. Sadly we learned about it pretty late – we already had some major projects at university and only than do we learn about how to do things the right way.

And that’s what design principles are about: do software the right way. When studying I found that there’s a lot of information on the internet in English language – but you’ll hardly find anything in German (except for Wikipedia). So that’s why I’ll write in German. For all you English folks I’ll of course add my sources as links, so you can get the information elsewhere.

So this’ll be my contribution to the German computer society. It won’t aim at the computer science students as target group. I’d guess they’ll get to in touch with this stuff sooner or later in their studies – I’d rather like to aim at those people out there, who know programming, and who enjoy writing software, but who didn’t study it.

The ideal goal would be that you’d learn something out of it and are able to use it for your future projects, and enrich the internet with better programmed software. To thank me, all I ask, is that you’ll write good software for free – and if you do so, don’t forget a mac port beside the linux one 😉

As I am not sure about when and if at all this project will really start, I’d rather not like to think about an outline right now (of course I’ve got one in my head). But I’ll guess it’ll cover around 10 pretty long entries (I guess something about 2 – 5 pages per entry) – so it won’t be that frequently, but I’ll promise I’ll give my best to make them good.

So, what is there for you to do now, while you wait for it? Well, tell me about you waiting for it. Cheer me up, when you like this idea and think, that it’s worth doing. Tell me that you’ll like to hear about it – and I’d possibly more likely start with it (and even sooner 😉 ).

Hope to hear from you!


Please comment. I really enjoy your thoughts!

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