Today I managed something that everybody said, was impossible to manage. At first I was hold up by everybody, telling me, they see no chance or telling me, that it isn’t possible. But I didn’t give up, I kept reading in the law, to find a way, I had discussions with a load of people (actually 5 persons, plus in one meeting 6 additional people, who had to vote upon this decision) – I actually influenced a voting, from a “yes” to a “yes under reserve”.

And finally, finally I found a way to please this reserve, and for now I have managed to save a young person from his dismissal, to lengthen his probation period, and enabled him another chance. This chance will be though for him, as he made many mistakes. But even so – to be dismissed would have been even harder for him. Now, I don’t care if he’ll take the chance or not (although I’ve had the strong feeling that he would – otherwise I wouldn’t have tried), but I now really did everything I could – I have a good conscience, and I have the feeling of having reached something that no one had believed was possible. And that feels so great. And it motivates to go on – and to fight for something you believe in, even if others don’t.

Thanks to all of you who knew before and who whished me luck!

Please comment. I really enjoy your thoughts!

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