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To enhance my previous entry I thought of making a list of things that I wanted to blog about, so that I have everything at one place (and make an commitment to you, so you can bite me, if I don’t keep to it 😉 ).

And as this is an entry on the blog, I’ve also decided to just write two of the things into this entry as well (that are connected with blogging).

List of posts

So first of all the Todo-List:

  • Zen to Done Doing that 😉
  • Statistics Scroll down 😉
  • WordPress news Is a horrible name, and actually those are two topics, see the next two:
  • SSL with WordPress Doing that in this entry
  • Shortcuts with WordPress Doing that in this entry
  • The Alchemist
  • Dexter
  • Scrubs
  • Desperate Housewives
  • MacBook review
  • Writing about another band (actually I drafted some entries already, there’s just some fine tuning that is needed to be done)

I hope I didn’t forget anything?


As you may know I consider statistics to be quite interesting. So here we go:

First of all, my blog is better visited than ever. This month I have 896 views already, which is my maximum since at the start in May, where I had 774 views. Since then, numbers where dropping, my absolute minimum was in August with 359 views (which in my opinion is still not bad, as it makes 11 views per day – something I had never expected!).

In total there are now 3,627 clicks, at the best day there where 116 clicks. That’s pretty cool. Thank you all very much! 🙂

So next interesting fact (or at least I consider it interesting) is the most read articles. And this time it’s build up like this:

  1. If it was possible to fall in love with music… 737 times
  2. Favorite adult cartoons… 150 times
  3. About the author 82 times
  4. Problems with Windows Live Messenger and CenterIM 57 times
  5. I hate maths! 52 times
  6. I blog… therefore I am. 41 times
  7. Let’s get started with GTD/ZTD 36 times
  8. Is Hell exothermic? 33 times
  9. Asp 32 times
  10. Children and the surveillance state 31 times

This is quite strange. Especially if you take following fact into consideration: I wrote the entry on Evanescence on June 26th. It was in that period only clicked 2 times. In the last 30 days though there are all the 735 clicks that are left. If I then look into the statistics with more detail I can see a downward trend with some peaks from May to August, and in August there is the absolute minimum. But then all of the sudden those numbers rise again – and with them the clicks and searches for Evanescence and Amy Lee.

Here are the statistics for that:

Now where does that come from? I did some researches and found out that after a long time of hearing nothing new from Evanescence, there are actually some news to tell. Recently Amy Lee recorded a new song, a cover version of “Sally’s song”, sung by Fiona Apple for the ” Tim Burton’s The nightmare before Christmas” OST. It is produced for Disney, as they reissued the original version in a new re-mastered Disney’s Digital 3-D with the help of “Industrial Light and Magic” and also wanted to have a new Soundtrack for that. The movie was out in special cinemas in the USA and for the opening Night on October 10th, Amy Lee performed right before the start of the movie. Also she had a live performance at Jay Lenos on October 7th. So finally Amy is getting into publicity again. There’s even an interview with her, telling that she is going on (and it more and more seems like it’s Amy Lee, and not Evanescence), and that the next songs will be back to her roots, more folky and Celtic and less rock and pop. I am pretty exited about hearing that and hope that the next album will suit my taste better than the last did.
Besides I am pretty exited about the new “Nightmare”. Actually this is a movie I haven’t seen yet. I wanted to see it as a child, but my parents wouldn’t let me to that movie (hell knows why!?). And until then the possibility to watch it never came up.

Anyway I am zooming out. But it’s interesting how much you can get out of some simple statistics, isn’t it? I wasn’t following any news on Evanescence and so maybe I would have only heard of it years later? Who knows…

To the other top articles there’s not much to say. I’m pretty sure I won’t use the words “adult”, “cartoons” and “gay” anymore. And sorry to all of you who just found this while looking for these words. Still it feels funny that people looking for sex stuff find this article about South Park, Family Guy, etc. Normally it is the other way round, isn’t it – you look for normal stuff and find loads of sex stuff. Now here sex greedy people find harmless stuff while looking for some porn 🙂

On the rest: I think it is quite charming, that people who end up here are interested about the author and look up, who he is and why he is doing the blog. Most of my readers hate Maths and are interested in GTD. And it is also interesting, that all my music entries are pretty high up. Faun is somewhere near the 10th position, and even the review on the Asp concert is already pretty high. So I’ll definitely go on with that!

I’d also like to point out my least visited entries:

  1. New Layout
  2. Plans for the next week
  3. Everyday’s this and that
  4. Plans for week number 31
  5. Review of the week

I can understand that reading about other peoples plans and reviews might be a little boring. I don’t expect anyone to read it, but I’ll still go on with that, because this was my actual reason to blog at first place. But anyway, that’s why there are categories and tags, so you can filter what you desire. Oh and while talking about statistics: There are 21 categories and 260 tags. Maybe a bit to much – I’ll take crossing some of them out into consideration.

Oh and my top referrers are:

  1. Of course: WordPress with all its Tags, especially “personal”, as well as the Dashboard, etc.
  2. Netvibes
  3. The Blackboard (I posted about them here

And to end this with, here are the links that my visitors clicked the most:

  1. The Evanescence Picture
  2. The Caffeine Test
  3. The “Bestatterweblog”

That’s it for boring statistics for now. Let’s head on to the interesting things of life!

SSL with WordPress

By accident I found out, that WordPress is capable of SSL. I could now explain you what it is, how it works, and why you should even bother. But actually WordPress took care of that task pretty well, and produced a neat video that explains everything! so I’ll just sit back and refer you to their pages 🙂 :
Protect your blog with SSL

Shortcuts for WordPress

By accident I once used ALT-C instead of STRG-C to copy some text, and what actually happened was that I got a <code> tag instead. Pretty neat. I played around a bit and found some other shortcuts for tags.

I then looked at the page but did not find any information there. Anyway I found to blogs. Actually for me it works a little different (e.g. SHIFT-ALT-… is the opening tag and ALT-… the corresponding closing tag), but I guess that’s slightly different from version to version. Maybe one should look at the manual pages of the developers of this software rather than at Anyway, I found two blogs, which might give you an idea about what is possible with WordPress:
German one
English one

So that’s it with the blog stuff for now!

Please comment. I really enjoy your thoughts!

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