I am a bit disappointed

As posted before I finally ordered a Mac. Still until now there’s no Mac here.

I placed my order on 7th of August in Unimall.

On 11th I was called by Apple considering my order. I had a modification done by Apple (a 250GB hard disk instead of a 160GB), because it would be cheaper than if I buy one separately. Then I have the mini DVI to VGA adapter, to be able to use the beamers at university, and I got myself a remote for the MacBook. Okey, that’s not really something you need, but I found some nice things to do with it (just have a look at youtube and search for Machacks if you are interested 😉 ). The 4GB of RAM will be send to me by Unimall.

So, as it is quite important for me to have a Laptop in Hamburg, I asked that guy how long it will take, and whether it is possible to have some kind of express order. He told me that it would not take long, and they will do whatever they can.

Since that I am waiting. Only today the status of my order was changed to “ready to ship”. And according to their calculations it will arrive here between the 29th of August and the 3rd of September.

That’s really disappointing. If I had known this beforehand, I wouldn’t have ordered it at Unimall but I would have gone to a local computer store and got it from there.

Please comment. I really enjoy your thoughts!

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