Paul thinks…

… about surveillance.

This flash website (be warned, all you CLI geeks out there! You’ll need to start X if you wanna enjoy this 😉 ) is really neat, showing the every days life of a random person and how he is, even today affected by surveillance, without even knowing.

Of course it is just a short overview and nothing new or interesting to anybody that ever spend some time dealing with that issue. But for all those “I don’t have to hide anything”-, or “I’m no terrorist, so it doesn’t effect me, does it?”-people out there this could be of interest.

It’s a nice overview giving a glance of what is possible, with shallow explanations, with the goal to make people realise and think about it, and hopefully invest a little more into this sensitive issue.

So enjoy it:

Btw.: I watched it without sound, I guess with sound it’s even better – but I don’t know, so please don’t blame me, if it isn’t 😉

One thought on “Paul thinks…

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