Westerlân yn Söl

If you ever travel from Hamburg into the north, nowadays 80% of the railway traffic is handled by a Northern German company. It so happens that those trains always have an introduction text coming through the train speakers, stating their destination in two languages.

It now happened that the last time I drove with a train of that company from Hamburg to Husum I sat behind four older ladies, all of them very conservative. When the train started the speakers said “Willkommen in der Nord-Ostsee Bahn nach Westerland auf Sylt. Westerlân yn Söl“.

So how did those ladies react, when they heard it?

“Oh my god, they now even talk Turkish in the trains.”
“How sad that is”
“The only thing that is missing now is also in Polish and in Russian”
“Yes, they also become more and more every day”

And of course head shaking from all of them.

I was thinking about telling them, that actually that wasn’t Turkish, but the Frisian Language, that of course is spoken in Frisia, and Frisia actually was the name of the whole North Sea part of Germany (and the regions are still called like this. There are Regions called North Frisia, East Frisia and West Frisia in Germany). And that the Frisians actually are a Germanic tribe, and Frisia is one of the oldest still spoken languages of the Western Germanic Languages.

Yeah, and then my next question would have been, how embarrass they feel, that a so called foreigner has to teach them something about their own language, culture and history.

But hell, it would have made me only angry, and you know, discussing with stupid people does not change anything about their stupidity – it only changes you to become more and more frustrated. So now they’ll die as stupid as they are!

One thought on “Westerlân yn Söl

  1. 1.st I wish I was there. Just enjoying stupidity.

    2.nd You should have done as you thought. Of course there is a good chance it wouldn’t do any good, but then again, one never knows without trying. The world ain’t gone be a better place if we just resign. Oh, and I think the look on there faces would be worth the risk anyway ^^

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