Two forum recommendations

I just wanted to present two forums to you, where I am a quite active user.
Of course I have accounts on plenty more forums, but I like to focus on these two, because they managed to keep me active for over 5 years now, and therefore used to be two of my very first communities ever.
Interestingly, both forums started of with the same background: As Hacker and Cracker Board, where wannabes posted how cool they where, because they knew how to use Sub7, and where it was normal to illegally share copyright protected stuff, etc.
Of course I wouldn’t present them to you, if this still was the case. In fact both of them changed to something totally different, and went totally different ways. But let’s focus on that in more detail for each of them:

The first one I want to concentrate on is the “Black-Board”. Long before I was registered there it was something what you could definitely call a crackers board. Actually, it even never interested me as such. I used to be at another Forum, called the “Talkboard”, which was a partner project of the Black-Board. Different to the “Black-Board” the “Talkboard” used to be a board for every days issues. But then the “Talkboard” went off, and nearly all users changed to the Black-Board. The Black-Board on the other side then developed more and more from a computer forum to a forum on politics, philosophy and social matters. So after a lot of team changes and reorganisation of the forum it now is a mixture of political issues on the one, and IT issues on the other side. A quite strange mixture, but hey, it works!
But what makes this Board really special is the community. It strangely always had a kind of familiar atmosphere, the people are open minded and friendly, the topics are manifold and mostly with on a very high discussion and knowledge level. And although there are a lot of different people with different opinions and hard discussions, at the end we are like a little family.
So if this got you interested, then visit us, by clicking on the boards banner:

The next forum I want to present to you is the Buha community. Actually at this point it really isn’t just about the forum anymore. But first things first.

The Buha started as Busch Hackers, a German Internet Hacking community. It used to be a website which was connected with a forum. The website offered a lot of Tutorials on how to crack passwords and hack websites and PCs, beside a huge list of tools mostly trojan horses and viruses. Beside this, and that was something that attracted a lot of people, there was a challenge consisting of HackIts in different levels. Nowadays you would consider it funny, but back then it was cool, to try to hack through really bad JavaScript credential managers, where you could find the password in the source code – and back than this was also a quite common way of providing logins.

So you could “hack” your way from one level to the next, and after solving a level you gained access to a forum where you could leave your “yeah, I did it”.

After some time the website went offline, and only the board was up and running. And to raise the level, not everybody could just register himself. To gain access you had to write an application by mail, stating why you think that you’ll fit to the community and what you can provide for the community.

This was, when I decided to join the forum, as the website was closed for a very long time. But anyway the website was not a great lost. Busch Hackers became very famous due to the extremely good knowledge that developed. It was even mentioned in a TV reportage. But as every community also this one went through a lot of changes. There where a lot of staff changes, and the community changed it’s identity of being a hackers and crackers board into a board on IT security, and therefore also changed its name to buha, which is more serious.

Today the community consists of a board and a wiki. There used to be some more components from time to time, and I guess there even will be some more again in future. So if you are an specialist on IT security, or you plan to become one, than join this board, by clicking the banner:

Please comment. I really enjoy your thoughts!

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