“A first feedback on Getting Things done” and “My new Classei set”

Right at the moment I am still in the middle of ZTD (which I will not put into practice as it is described there, but I will explain that in a later post), and still busy implementing the Getting Things Done stuff. It is not jet totally up running, but I guess I can even now see some improvements.
Today I managed to stay focused on my action list the whole morning, managing 10 Tasks on my lists – ten crucial tasks that I would have forgotten otherwise (or procrastinated).

And while talking about Getting Things Done:
The parcel I ordered at Classei reached me on Friday last week.
It contained a 43-folders set as well as a self assembled set containing a black box, 50 thick folders, two sheets of white QuickTabs and a archive box, which I intend to use at university.
The package also included 5 elegance folders as a gift.

To be quiet honest: I am a bit disappointed about the folders. I thought that 160g/m2 would be a bit thicker – I would loved it if they where as thick as the Elegance folders, which therefore disappointed me as well, as I thought they would be even stronger. But anyway, first of all let’s see how they prove themselves at every day’s work.

I put the 43-folders into operation already – and forgot to look at today’s folder, which contained sheets that I would have needed. Thanks god that thing is not bound to a date. So I still need to get the routine up and running – but I guess I will wait a bit for that a little more, as the inbox and context list processes are enough for now.

Meanwhile I will try to build up a new archiving system with the second set I bought. As for now I am not feeling that comfortable with the archive jet, as I do not feel like I already know what to collect there and what not. And I do not want to switch to Classei totally – at least not at the moment, as there are still things, like invoices from the telephone company, where I do not see the sense in using Classei (yet?).

So for now lets see how these two things develop – of course I will keep you in the loop, so have a look in here now and then 😉

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