I blog… therefore I am.

Finally I seem to have caught the lousy Blogging-Virus as well.
Me, the person that always followed the development of Web 2.0 with great skepticism. Me, the person who thought of himself that he would never blog.

So where does the change come from?

Honestly speaking, the skepticism is still there, my motivation not that big, and I fear that this blog could fade away even before its heydays, due to the lack of interesting topics, or to the lack of interest from other people in the topics.

It is quite strange doing something you expect to fail anyway, but there are reasons which led me to trying it.

Those are:

  1. I have certain changes of habits, I want to undertake myself – and as motivation driver there one always says that you should:
    • write down your goals to fix them
    • keep diary over your improvements
    • tell other people about it to feel obligated.
  2. I have a lot of friends that I lost the regular contact to, mostly due to the geographical distance (emerging as a result of movements). So a blog could be an idea to keep in touch with each other.
  3. “I blog… therefore I am” (variation of the famous sentence “cogito ergo sum” from René Descartes). Let’s face it: in today’s modern (internet-)society, if you don’t have a blog, you don’t exist. Blogs are, what homepages have been in the 90s – everybody has one, regardless whether those persons have to say something or not, the trend is moving towards multiple blogs: a personal one, one (or more) community blogs (mostly on a certain topic), and of course one dedicated to your child, pet, car, whatever.

Actually the third point is not really a reason – it is rather a reason for me to stay away from blogging, as such developments scare me. But on the other side, I stayed away from Web 2.0 as much as I could: I don’t have a Facebook/Friendster/StudiVZ/Lokalisten/… account, I don’t promote videos or pictures on YouTube/MyVideo/Flickr/… and I stayed clear from logging/profiling services such as Last.fm. But now the question may really arise: Do I exist? At least in a society which for me as computer scientist is quiet an important one?

So here I am, writing my first blog entry, entering the world of the soul-strippers. What is there to say about this blog?

Those who know me may be astonished by the fact that this blog is written in English, although my mother tongue is German.
Well first of all I also have some English speaking friends, in Canada, England, Latvia, etc, which may want to read this blog.
Secondly, after leaving school I feel that my English skills are getting more rusty with every day that passes. To counter this I decided to use English as my dedicated language for this blog (although it may happen that some posts will be written in German).
And last but not least: with German I could reach a 185 million people worldwide[1], with English it is at least 700 million people[2]!
But I kindly request to excuse any grammatical or spelling mistakes I make. Please feel free to write me a comment if you come across any systematical mistakes.

So let’s see, what you can expect here: what could be the use for you, why would you possibly like to return?
Quiet honestly: I don’t know. As stated before, in general this blog is for personal use – and I can not possibly figure out, why it might interest someone else, what I would post in here – but that is only my humble subjective view.
In contrary, a lot of people rated my thoughts in discussions (which I especially like to express in forums like the Buha-Board or the Black-Board) as quiet valuable. And I got a lot of positive feedback for some of my elaborations and reports that I published on my very crappy Homepage . This page even scored some high positions in Google for a while, and was linked to the German Wikipedia.
So all in all there seems to be a general interest in some of the things I have to say.

I expect topics in this blog to be about:

  • My experiences while introducing GTD and ZTD in my life.
  • The actions I take, to reach my goal in receiving a very good final diploma at the work academy.
  • My progress in turning my self from big fat lazy couch potato back to the sportive youth I used to be.
  • Remarkable things that happen in my life and that I would like to keep track of (remarkable in general is to be understood as remarkable for me).
  • Other things/thoughts/news, etc. that somehow managed to distract my attention and made me feel like they where worth being mentioned somewhere.

To complete my very first blog entry in my life, I consider that some facts about me should not be withheld. These I have published in the About the author section.

[1] Quelle: Wikipedia-Artikel zur Deutschen Sprache
[2] Quelle: Wikipedia-Artikel zur Englischen Sprache


5 thoughts on “I blog… therefore I am.

  1. Hi Kannan,

    I decided to keep a look at your blog and leave a comment hear and there.

    Quote:”But I kindly request to excuse any grammatical or spelling mistakes I make. Please feel free to write me a comment if you come across any systematical mistakes.” Same applies to me.

    Quote: “Let’s face it: in today’s modern (internet-)society, if you don’t have a blog, you don’t exist.”

    Well, I stay with Descartes original sentence. That or I rather chose to not exist. Cause a lot of folks out there may be blogging but not thinking about what crap they write. (No offense against the author of this blog.) And it is not just wasting web-space or the readers time. It increases the environmental pollution and crowds global warming forward. (whoever doubt that, google “Global warming Internet traffic”; without the quotation marks)

    “# The actions I take, to reach my goal in receiving a very good final diploma at university.
    # My progress in turning my self from big fat lazy couch potato back to the sportive youth I used to be.”

    Ain’t blogging gonna keep you away from that? ^^

  2. Hi Stephan!

    First of all, thank you for your comment. It’s really nice to hear from you again (and as you kept writing in English, which of course is not necessary – I do not want to force anybody to write in a language they don’t like to/cannot – I will answer you in English as well. Though it feels strange, somehow…) – while reading your post, I just figured out, that we haven’t seen each other for more than half a year, isn’t it?

    I know you don’t want to offense me – but doesn’t that also apply to my blog? I don’t know, at least for me it feels like it does.
    And concerning the Servers: As there is a big market for web space, a blog more or less does not really have that big impact on the global warming 😉
    At least I hope that it does not make a difference with my blog here 😉

    Concerning the blogging and time aspects: Yeah, on the one side blogging does keep me away from doing things. On the other side it can be a motivation factor, as I described in the post. Somehow it even feels like one for me right now. You know, being able to actually write down and tell everybody that I am doing something, and what exactly that is – it somehow keeps you focused on that thing, because the readers will wonder, what happened with that certain thing I was doing, if I suddenly stop writing about it.

    But still blogging of course takes time, but I’ll try to do it in times, when I cannot do anything else. Like while having my lunch break at work. Or if there is nothing to do for me in office, as it was, on some of the last day. Or like yesterday night, when I could not fall asleep, but was too tired to do learning or other stuff.

    Anyway it does not apply always. But I think that I will manage to figure out a way that will work for me 😉

  3. Hi Kannan!

    I thought writing in English is necessary to keep the spirit of your block intact. English speaking folks are able to read you blog but not the comments. Doesn’t make sense, right? 🙂 And of course it’s training my English skills as well.

    Concerning global warming and the influence of Internet traffic I got to say: You are right. Your little blog and the resulting traffic only have very little impact. Then again lots of web sites with very little impact on global warming do have some impact. I don’t want to play the environmental activist but I find global warming an important process. Internet industries and user should be aware of there influence and start measures.

    On the other hand your blog is working the way you want it to. This is a way to stay in touch and to know what my old friend is up to. 🙂 By the way, it might be my jabber is broken again, cause I don’t got response to the messages I sent you. Oh, and did you recieve my EMail?

    Anyway I will be watching xour blog whenever I got time to. 🙂 So see me around. ^^

    P.S. When will you be in HH again? I might find some time to visit. 😀

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